Hi! My name is Aaron, and I like plants more than people (sorry people). My love for the outdoors was instilled in me from a young age, having grown up out in the country. I took hikes with my dad, who taught me how to ID trees, and I learned more about plants from 4-H. One of my favorite activities is taking hikes out in the woods, especially on paths near streams or rivers, where it is cooler because of the shade from one of my favorite trees, the eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis). The tree symbol in my coat of arms is supposed to be a hemlock, but this is the best my limited drawing abilities could produce. Hemlock is also representative of my degree field, Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, with forestry and forest ecosystems being my main area of interest. My motto, Live life,  is a reminder to myself that when life gets crazy, I need to slow down and enjoy life. This is especially important as I have 3 young kids, I’m going to school, and I work, which equals craziness most of the time.  After I graduate, I hope to obtain a job in forestry, using best management practices to sustainably manage forests and their ecosystems.