Hello there!

I’m Quinton.

Welcome to my page! A little bit about me before the plant business is that I am a third year Zoology Major. I have always had a love for animals and have recently branched that interest to nature and plants. I also am a a student athlete so that limit my time in nature a lot. I’m taking this course because of my growing curiosity in nature and life outside of animals.

My coat of arms is me in a quick nutshell. I am an avid animal lover and my favorite animals are elephants, so I an elephant front print as my logo. Inside of that is my poor attempt to draw a sunflower as it is my favorite flower. My motto is “Nothing to lose and everything to gain.” This is a quote that I made myself. My hometown is Lancaster, OH which is pretty close to Columbus.  As I have said before, I took this class with interest to add plants to the list of  my interests and I am a Zoology major.